Miami Perishable Logistics

At Prime Fresh Handling, we take pride in the logistic services we provide our clients. Our Miami perishable logistics services cover every step along the supply chain. 

Miami Perishable Logistics

Our clients can trust and depend on our network of internationally coordinated cargo and freight services. 


Competitive Pricing

Our customers enjoy our human-centered services and competitive pricing for freight forwarders in Miami. Our team is able to efficiently handle shipping pharmaceuticals, seafood, produce, flowers, specialty foods, and more, all at attractive pricing. 


Cool Chain Management

We want our clients to fully trust that shipping with us ensures that products retain their maximum quality during transport. Our Miami international shipping team uses elite cool management methods like vacuum cooling, cold storage, and refrigerated transport for a wide variety of goods. 


Leading Technology

It is the goal of our Miami perishable logistics company to provide our services at a premium level. This includes using some of the leading technology in the industry like cooling, sorting, re-packing, barcoding, labeling, and temperature monitoring. All of this is used to ensure consistency and freshness for every delivery. 



The ultimate goal is to effectively ship our client’s products through the flow of the supply chain at maximum efficiency. The freight forwarders in Miami work to keep the process clean and productive.


Shipment Tracking

Transparency is very important to Prime Fresh Handling and our customer service team. We pride ourselves on these principles, which is why we offer 24/7 shipment tracking services. It lets us provide our customers with vital information on their shipments. 


Third-Party Logistics

To take it another step further in helping our customers, we also provide third-party logistics. Whether it is farmers, food producers, retailers, or wholesalers, our clients can trust our network of international freight forwarding services to take care of them.


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