Perishable Shipping Solutions for Specialty Foods

Shipping specialty foods such as cheese and chocolate is no easy task. It takes a team of perishables logistics experts to manage these time-sensitive products comprehensively. That being said, Prime Fresh Handling specializes in providing perishable shipping solutions all across the globe. We have the capability to ship and handle delicate and specialty foods such as notable cheeses and chocolate from around the world.

Our customers range from farmers, wholesalers, grocers, and other retailers, to dining establishments. Our freight forwarding company prides itself on offering industry-leading cold chain logistics and refrigerated transportation solutions for specialty products. A quality shipment is guaranteed if it is fine wine, canned goods, or frozen pastries.

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Shipping and handling specialty foods such as cheese require efficiency and great attention to detail. Prime Fresh Handling is a dependable cold chain management company with expertise in shipping cheese globally.  From cold storage optimization to perishable cargo logistics for the safe import and export of cheese, our team goes above and beyond the call of duty for our distributors. We offer real-time shipping information and dependable tracking and tracing services on their first-rate cheeses and other perishable goods.

One of the most significant benefits is peace of mind when you trust Prime Fresh Handling. We will take care of all specialty food and perishable shipping needs, including document processing and customs clearance. We offer a wide range of specialty food logistics solutions, including cold storage, temperature-controlled handling and transportation, inventory management, quality control, and bonded warehousing. Just some of the many types of gourmet cheeses that we ship and handle include:






Menonita Adobera


bon bons

Assorted Chocolates

Chocolate is notoriously one of the most challenging specialty foods to ship. It takes a team of expert perishable handling specialists to deliver this time-sensitive product in perfect condition every time. Chocolate must be adequately maintained at the exact temperature needed and protected from cold and heat as it is such a delicate food. If it is shipped at too high a temperature, the chocolate will melt and lose shape. Conversely, the chocolate will exhibit gray splotches when delivered at too cold a temperature.

Because this specialty food is such a fragile product, we at Prime Fresh Handling consistently maintain the perfect transportation temperature of chocolate throughout the entire process. We expertly provide premium logistic solutions for chocolate, including:


Dark Chocolate


We Also Provide Import and Export Services for a Wide Range of Specialty Foods Such As:

• Olives
• Truffles
• Dates
• Dry Fruits and Nuts
• Sauces

• Dressings
• Caviar
• Snacks
• Canned Goods
• Frozen Pastries

• Mushrooms
• Wine
• Fresh Juice
• Cold-Pressed Juice
• Coconut Water

• Avocado Oil
• Sweets and Candies
• Edible Flowers
Herbs and Spices
• Figs

Industry-Leading Freight Forwarding Services​

With industry-leading technology, we operate shipping routes worldwide, providing our wholesalers peace of mind by offering shipping solutions for their specialty foods. Our competitive pricing and data extraction capabilities ensure that our freight forwarding services of international shipments containing specialty foods arrive fresh and in a timely manner. Contact us today to learn more about the different specialty foods we can help you import and export, no matter how big or small the shipment we ensure it will always arrive as fresh as local.

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Let us do the work
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ready to ship?

Prime Fresh Handling clients depend on our international network of coordinated cargo and freight service specialists to operate shipping routes across the globe. Our experienced customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer your calls and address any perishable shipping and logistics questions you may have promptly and courteously. We are here for you!

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