Strawberries weren’t always available year-round, but thanks to selective breeding, now they are! Prime Fresh Handling has used its expertise in worldwide shipping to come up with an FAQ and answers to those questions. 

How to Ship Strawberries?

  1. Sort the fruit, removing fruits that have bruises or are too ripe. Berries that are too ripe rot very easily and can affect the good ones in the batch.
  2. Arrange the strawberries in trays with air-tight lids without them being too cramped, then close the lids. 
  3. Place the seal trays in an insulated shipping box together with a frozen gel pack or a cold pack to keep the temperature just right. Pro Tip: Avoid using ice as it can cause leaks and damage the package.
  4. It is important to fill the spaces in between the box and trays with packing paper and peanuts to prevent the container and cold packs from moving around during transport and possibly damaging the fruit. 
  5. Seal the package tight with tape.
  6. Address and label the package!

How Are Strawberries Packaged Fresh?

When strawberries are picked from the farms, they should be loaded directly into plastic containers – straight from the branches to the crates! It is important to use plastic crates because they are an efficient option. They are easily stackable and also provide ventilation to freshly picked berries. 

How to Keep Strawberries Fresh?

Once strawberries are delivered and reach the home of the consumer, how can the strawberries stay fresh? Prime Fresh can show you how:


  1. Wash the strawberries, but only once you’re ready to eat them. Washing them any sooner can immediately expose them to moisture, and that can lead to mold. 
  2. Keep them as whole berries. Whole strawberries can resist spoilage longer than cut-up strawberries. 
  3. Line a plastic or glass container with paper towels. These will help absorb moisture and keep the berries from getting moldy. 
  4. Place the strawberries in a single layer inside the container. Stacking the fruit can lead to the rapid spread of mold. 
  5. Tightly seal the container and place it in the refrigerator. Dry, air-tight strawberries can last up to 7 days or longer.

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