Among the ever-expanding portfolio of specialized services offered by Prime Fresh Handling (PFH) is the worldwide shipment, handling, and expert monitoring of pharmaceuticals and biologics.
Working hand in hand with its sister division, Prime Logistics, customers benefit from access to state-of-the-art facilities in Europe, South American, and across North America, as well as a 24-7 team of agents at its operations center in Miami, As a result, PFH is uniquely qualified to meet – and exceed – the customer demands of this highly specialized industry.
PFH and Prime Logistics work closely with the major pharmaceutical suppliers of the World Health Organization (WHO), which relies on the Prime Group of Companies for their expertise of managing time-critical shipments like vaccines and biologics.
Fast, Reliable, Direct
Based in such distant places as Indonesia, India, the Philippines, according to Prime Group Chief Operating Officer Omar Zambrano, “Freight forwarders worldwide know our name and our global reputation for fast, reliable, and direct transportation of pharmaceuticals.”
Stationed at the company’s base of operations in Miami, Prime Group Agent Bryan Rivas is one of few people in air cargo logistics who know more about time-sensitive products and the tight and ever-changing rules that govern their movement.
“My role is to find the best way to beat the clock, safely and reliably, of course. Because in many cases, door-to-door service from one corner of the world to the other needs to take place within 48 hours, when possible.”
But it’s not just time, it’s also about temperature consistency. Vaccines and biologics in particular must stay within specific temperature ranges every step of the way – during transit, while in storage, and right up to the point of arrival. Such attention to detail ensures these products maintain their efficacy. Otherwise, they are unuseable.
Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio
For instance in late February, the company was called into action to ship 200 vials of highly sensitive Diphtheria and Tetanus Vaccines; and 3,000 vials of live oral polio vaccine from Jakarta all the way to the Ministry of Health in Belize City. Mission accomplished – just in time for the next shipment of a similar set of vaccines to Asuncion, Paraguay.
Certified & Ready
Rivas also makes it his job to stay on top of all of the industry’s complex shipping regulations and standards for the proper transport of pharmaceuticals. In fact, serving as the certified go-to agent at Prime Logistics for pharmaceutical shipments, he recently attended a three-day course in Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations, given by IATA in Miami. Cargo airline representatives, forwarders, and other cargo agents attended it from all across the Southeast U.S.
Global Services 
Whether it’s a box, a pallet, or a companywide logistics operation, PFH is highly skilled in achieving safe and fresh delivery of temperature-sensitive material and products between any point of origin and destination around the globe.
Available at company warehouses and handling facilities worldwide, is a complete menu of logistics services including crating and packaging, consolidation, warehousing and inventory, and cold storage and bonded warehousing.
The professional team also specializes in shortening the shipment process, cutting transfer times, and moving paperwork officially and efficiently – key to successful handling of specialized, temperature-sensitive cargo.
They also use industry leading technology such as vacuum cooling, pre-sorting, repackaging, barcoding, labeling, and temperature monitoring that guarantees safe delivery.
About PFH
PFH is one of four Prime Group Companies that includes Prime Logistics, PrimeAir, and Prime Fresh Products. Prime Group is dedicated to offering the best international cargo and logistics products and support worldwide. For general information, visit or call 305-592-2044.