Shipping Salmon FAQ


Shipping perishables, like fish, can be a delicate task. It is part of our jobs to keep the salmon fresh and ready for its receivers. Seafood shipping is a large and complicated process. Prime Fresh Handling is here to answer any questions about it. 

Here are a few commonly asked questions about shipping salmon from Alaska. 


How Is Salmon Shipped?

Seafood packaging is a pretty standard process done across the industry. The most common way salmon and other seafood is packaged is in styrofoam containers. In these containers, there are cool packs placed to maintain a safe internal temperature. The cool packs will keep the salmon cool for shipping but not much longer after that, so it is important to properly store the fish once it arrives. 


Is Salmon Frozen for Shipping?

Most salmon is vac-packed and flash frozen within 24 to 36 hours of being harvested. This is part of the specific packaging process to keep the filets in good condition for their receivers. Having the salmon frozen and stored with the cool packs will ensure this. With the industry-leading technology Prime Fresh Handling uses, your cargo items will remain fresh. 


How Much Does It Cost to Ship Salmon From Alaska?

Since salmon is often shipped frozen, the costs to ship are often based on the weight and timeline needed for the shipment. If it is needed to be shipped overnight, a 50lb box could cost up to $250-$300. Prime Fresh Handling offers solutions for your seafood shipping needs. 


Let Prime Fresh Handling Ship Your Salmon

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