Maintaining the Cold Chain

The cold chain system is one of transporting and storing certain goods within the temperature range that is required for them. It begins when the goods are manufactured or harvested, moves through the state distribution center, and ends at their permanent destinations. 


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In our years of experience, we understand how crucial it is for certain products to be maintained at specific temperatures during transport to keep them at their highest qualities.

Cold Chain Procedures

One industry where cold chain management is imperative is pharmaceuticals. Prime Fresh is a leader in medicine and pharmaceutical logistics. Our highly trained experts understand the responsibilities involved in handling such potent chemicals at each step of transport, storage, and then administration of vaccines. 


When handling these delicate biological substances, they can lose their effectiveness or possibly be destroyed if they are:


  • Frozen
  • Become too hot
  • Are exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light


Most vaccines should be maintained within a recommended range. This range is typically between 35 degrees and 45 degrees. Once the effectiveness of a vaccine is lost, it cannot be recovered. 

Cold Chain Equipment

There are essential pieces of equipment for transporting and storing vaccines which include:


  • A refrigerator for storing vaccines
  • A digital, electronic, or mercury thermometer and chart for daily temperature readings and recordings
  • Cold boxes for transportation and storage
  • Ice packs to keep vaccines at the proper temperature
  • Materials used to separate the ice packs from the vaccines when using cold boxes


In our professional opinion, at least one refrigerator should be dedicated to storing vaccines. It is essential to consider the clinics’ supply period when buying a refrigerator. You will need a refrigerator that can hold the supply without being crowded. A refrigerator should be at least three-quarters full to stabilize the temperature inside of it and to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Unpacking Vaccines

After acquiring the proper equipment for transportation in the cold chain system, unpacking the vaccines is equally crucial. The vaccines should be unpacked from the transport container and stored in their packaging regardless of their bulkiness. Removing the vaccines from the original packaging can expose these vaccines to room temperature and light. Keep an eye on the temperature to ensure they have not been exposed to temperatures above 35 degrees or below 32 degrees. 


It is important to note that vaccines should remain refrigerated until right before they are administered. Then immediately return them to the refrigerator after the recommended dose was drawn up. 

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