Tuna Shipping FAQs

Tuna is one of the most popularly shipped items worldwide. Prime Fresh Handling is one of the top businesses that deal in the shipping and handling of perishable items in the world. One of our specialties is delivering seafood like tuna to people across the United States. Below, one of the top seafood logistics companies details some of the most important frequently asked questions that people may have about the world of tuna shipping. 

How Reliable Is Fresh Tuna Delivery? 

Fresh tuna delivery is extremely reliable. As one of the most important players in seafood logistics and cool chain management services, we make sure to use the best packing methods available. The way that our business makes sure that tuna makes it to its destinations safely is by ensuring that the packaging is conducive to optimal weather conditions. This means we deliver tuna that is fresh and never frozen. 

Is Bluefin Delivery Any Different? 

Bluefin delivery is no different than shipping any other kind of tuna. However, bluefin tuna are larger than other kinds of tuna. This means that the packaging may need to be different than if you were to ship other types of this fish. 

Is Fresh Tuna Shipped in the Same Way As Other Seafood? 

Our perishable shipping solutions are used to ship various other kinds of seafood. This includes live lobster, salmon, tuna, cod, tilapia, and shellfish. The methodology of shipping seafood is extremely tricky because it requires a careful balance between temperature, humidity levels, and water levels. 

Wondering Where to Buy Tuna After It Is Shipped?

After successful tuna shipping, freshly shipped tuna could be found across a wide variety of supermarkets and stores. The kinds of stores most likely to have this kind of tuna are those that sell fresh fish, like a fish market or even restaurants that offer a top selection of seafood. 

Fresh Tuna vs. Preserved Tuna 

Fresh tuna is different from preserved tuna because preserved tuna is soaked in oils and other preservatives, so it can remain edible for a long time without rotting. Fresh tuna is preserved by staying for extended periods under optimal temperature and humidity conditions, which ensures it is safe for consumption. Companies that focus on perishable shipping make sure that the seafood never has to be preserved with added preservatives because these can result in an inferior product. 

Let Prime Fresh Handling Be in Charge of Tuna Shipping 

Let Prime Fresh Handling take care of your live animal and perishable item cargos. We provide expert perishable shipping solutions, including FLOWERS AND PLANTS, PHARMACEUTICALS, PRODUCE AND PERISHABLES, SEAFOOD, and SPECIALTY FOODS.


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