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Stone crabs and other kinds of crabs are in demand for their meat by restaurants and other businesses since this is a highly sought-after delicacy around the world. The meat on these crabs is sweet and tender, however, they need to be delivered in the most effective way possible so that they do not lose their integrity and they continue to be sought-after around the world. If you are a producer of stone crabs, you will most likely want to partner with an experienced cold chain management company so that they are transported safely and effectively. Since we value the experience that our current and potential customers will go through, Prime Group has compiled the most applicable advice in the area in the following article. Can live crabs be shipped? Do live crabs need to be refrigerated? To learn more about stone crab delivery, continue reading below. 

How to Ship Crabs With Prime Fresh Handling

To ship crabs, you will need to make sure that you have the necessary materials. Perhaps the most important of these materials is the packaging material. The materials that the crabs are transported in should consist of a container sturdy enough to hold the crabs, with just enough space allowed for them to move around while not being flung around while they are being transported. Also, this container should be well-ventilated to allow for proper air circulation. Our logistics company could assist you with the best containers and materials needed for crab transportation when we handle your needs. 

How Do You Keep Crabs Alive When Transporting? 

Since crabs are often shipped while they are alive, they need to be under the most optimal conditions. This even includes the temperature and moisture that the crabs are stored in. When it comes to live crab and stone crab delivery, crabs require a moist requirement to survive. Our cool chain management professionals make sure to line the containers that have the crabs in them with damp towels or other materials that maintain the humidity of the crabs. However, as one of the most reputable logistics companies in Miami, we would like to point out that the humidity levels cannot be too high or too low, as going, either way, could be detrimental to the integrity of the crabs. We are here to make sure that our partners in the crab industry are well-taken care of when it comes to time to transport live crabs. 

More About Prime Fresh Handling

As part of Prime Group and a sister company of Prime Logistics, Prime Fresh Handling is here to make sure that our partners that ship perishables receive the highest quality assistance possible. If you are looking for the best stone crab delivery services, our business is one of the best in the industry. Schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to learn more about what we could offer you today if you are interested in shipping your perishables across the world.   

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