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The shipping of live seafood and perishable produce is fundamental for a variety of industries. One of these, live lobster shipping, must be taken extremely seriously to ensure lobsters remain alive, as the consumption of dead lobster can cause serious illness and can even be fatal.

Live Lobster Shipping FAQs

How Do You Ensure Lobsters Stay Alive During Shipping?

The transportation of perishable items such as live lobsters is a tricky process. It involves carefully packing and monitoring to ensure lobsters are constantly in ideal conditions to stay alive. Shipping live lobsters involve packaging them in the correct temperature, water, and humidity levels.

What Are the Conditions to Preserve Lobsters

Generally speaking, you want to ship lobsters out of water. Lobsters are able to live outside of water for 4-5 days. Lobsters should be kept in temperatures of 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is specific to prevent the lobsters from freezing and also prevent suffocation, as lobsters will utilize more oxygen the higher the temperature.

How Do You Ensure Stable Conditions During Transportation?

At Prime Fresh Handling, we pride ourselves in utilizing a variety of industry-leading transportation technologies for perishable goods and live animals. For the shipping of perishable items, we utilize two of our INDUSTRY-LEADING TECHNOLOGIES. 

How Much Does Live Lobster Shipping Cost?

Our transportation costs depend on a variety of factors such as quantity and the distance needed. We always want to provide accurate estimations and recommend contacting our customer service specialists for a quote.

Let Prime Fresh Handling Ship Your Live Lobsters

Let Prime Fresh Handling take care of your live animal and perishable item cargos. We provide expert perishable shipping solutions, including FLOWERS AND PLANTSPHARMACEUTICALSPRODUCE AND PERISHABLESSEAFOOD, and SPECIALTY FOODS.

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