From first seed to final stop, there’s a lot of logistics that go into shipping vegetables successfully. At Prime Fresh Handling, our international network of cargo and freight specialists take pride in handling every vegetable shipment with care and concern to ensure your fresh vegetables stay fresh and delicious for your clients and their customers.

What Types of Vegetables Can Be Shipped?

If you grow it, we can handle it. From broccoli to bell peppers, potatoes to parsnips, and everything in between – Prime Fresh Handling can offer expert shipping and logistics for all types of vegetables from around the world. We also make sure to employ the best in COOL CHAIN MANAGEMENT at every stop. That means your vegetable shipments that require constant refrigeration will get it and certainly never be exposed to excessive heat or other conditions that would threaten the product’s quality and shelf life.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Vegetables?

Since the process of shipping vegetables is complicated and often takes many days, it is difficult to give a benchmark number on how much each shipment will cost. When you CONTACT an expert customer service representative at Prime Fresh Handling, we will walk through your specific needs and answer your questions, then prepare a quote right away with the most COMPETITIVE PRICING.

What Are Some Challenges in Shipping Vegetables?

Since many farmers and wholesalers ship more than one variety of vegetables, logistics and transportation companies often need to accommodate several different conditions in each shipment. Certain vegetables require constant refrigeration, while others can be fine without it. Some vegetables benefit from misting several times a day, while that is not necessary for others. Working with an expert perishable shipping company such as Prime Fresh Handling will make sure your vegetables are transported under the proper conditions until the final destination.

How Can Vacuum Cooling Protect Vegetables During Shipping?

Vacuum cooling is a LEADING TECHNOLOGY and desired perishable shipping solution. The process involves the rapid cooling of any perishable product, ensuring both the exterior and interior of the items are cooled at a constant temperature. When vegetables undergo vacuum cooling, they are far less likely to spoil or grow bacteria during the shipping process.

Ship Your Vegetables With Prime Fresh Handling!

We are part of the Prime Group, and we offer an array of perishable logistics solutions to help your vegetables get where they need to be on time and on budget. From cold storage facilities and humidity control to online tracking and international distribution, we can handle it all. Don’t let your vegetable shipment get stuck and spoiled. CONTACT PRIME FRESH HANDLING today to learn how our perishable shipping solutions can work for you!

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