Strawberries weren’t always available year-round, but thanks to selective breeding, now they are! Prime Fresh Handling is a refrigerated warehousing, shipping, transport, and logistics company for importing and exporting strawberries and other fresh produce.

With our WORLDWIDE PRODUCE SHIPPING expertise, we have identified the following strawberry shipping concerns to answer the most common questions regarding the process behind shipping strawberries.

How Are Strawberries Shipped?

Once strawberries are picked from the farms, they should be loaded directly into their transportation containers. Strawberry farmers should make every effort to move their berries straight from the branches to the crates. Using plastic or cardboard crates instead of wood is recommended because they are an efficient, lightweight option to assist with lower freight costs. Additionally, cardboard crates are stackable and provide the essential ventilation to keep freshly picked strawberries ripe during transportation.

After the strawberries are prepared for shipment, our produce transporters will arrange for pick up from the farm and begin the COOL CHAIN MANAGEMENT process to maintain the quality of the produce. Exported strawberries will be transported by air to ensure their shelf life. Strawberries shipped locally will be transported in temperature-controlled environments using the latest technology and SHIPMENT TRACKING SYSTEMS for full visibility to our wholesalers, farmers, and retailers.


How Do You Ship Strawberries So They Arrive Fresh?

  1. Sort the fruit, removing fruits that have bruises or are too ripe. Berries that are too ripe rot very quickly and can affect the good ones in the batch.
  2. Arrange the strawberries in trays with air-tight lids without them being too cramped, then close the covers.
  3. Place the seal trays in an insulated shipping box with a frozen gel pack or a cold pack to keep the right temperature. Pro Tip: Avoid using ice, as it can cause leaks and damage the package.
  4. It is essential to fill the spaces between the box and trays with packing paper and peanuts to prevent the container and cold packs from moving around during transport and possibly damaging the fruit.
  5. Seal the package tight with tape.
  6. Address and label the package!


How to Keep Strawberries Fresh?

Once strawberries are delivered and reach the consumer’s home, how can do you keep strawberries fresh? The best way to make strawberries last longer in the fridge is:

  1. Wash the strawberries, but only once you’re ready to eat them. Washing them any sooner can immediately expose them to moisture, which can lead to mold.
  2. Keep them as whole berries. Whole strawberries can resist spoilage longer than cut-up strawberries.
  3. Line a plastic or glass container with paper towels. These will help absorb moisture and keep the berries from getting moldy.
  4. Place the strawberries in a single layer inside the container. Stacking the fruit can lead to the rapid spread of mold.
  5. Tightly seal the container and place it in the refrigerator. Dry, air-tight strawberries can last up to 7 days or longer.


Looking for a Strawberry Transport & Logistics Company?

Whether you are a strawberry farmer, wholesaler, or produce retailer, Prime Fresh Handling can assist you in the import, export, and distribution of your perishable shipments.  CONTACT US to learn more about our perishable shipping services and how we can help you with safe transportation of your produce.

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