Passion fruit is the fruit of the Passiflora vine, a type of passionflower. Its tough outer rind protects the juicy and seed-filled center. Prime Fresh Handling knows these tart and sweet fruits are growing in popularity, and our customers may have questions about how to ship passion fruit carefully using cold chain management


When Is Passion Fruit Season? 

Because passion fruit is indigenous to warmer climates like Brazil, Paraguay, Northern Argentina, and even Hawaii and Florida, these fruits are available year-round. However, they are at their peak in the warmer months. 


How to Know if Passion Fruit Is Ripe?

While it may not look that appetizing, passion fruit is the ripest when it’s wrinkly-looking. From a scientific standpoint, this means it is ready to sow its seeds. From a consumer standpoint, this is when the fruit is the most delicious. 


How to Buy Passion Fruit?

Fresh passion fruit can take a little work to find. They can often be found in the specialty fruit section in international grocery stores. Passion fruit purée can be purchased in the frozen department in most supermarkets. 

Tip: When buying passion fruit, the weight tells you one of the most important aspects. The heavier the fruit, the juicer the center!


What Are the Different Passion Fruit Types?

Many different types of this juicy fruit differ only slightly from each other. The insides are almost identical, but there is a more noticeable distinction on the outsides. There are two colors of passions fruit:

  • Purple – Originally from Southern Brazil and Northern Argentina, the purple passion fruit has a rich flavor, is less acidic, and is very juicy on the inside. 
  • Yellow – While it is unknown where this variety comes from, besides knowing it’s from tropical areas like Hawaii, this version is typically larger. The white fruits also aren’t as flavorful as the purple fruits. 


How Is Passion Fruit Transported?

Passion fruit is subjected to strict quality control measurements before being sorted by size. When packaging the fresh fruit, they will be in bulk boxes and wrapped in plastic bags that create microclimates. Creating these microclimates extends the shelf life of the passion fruit. 


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