Cherry Transportation FAQ

Prime Fresh Handling is now transporting cherries! This delicious fruit is easy to spot with its red coloring and sometimes long stems. They are packed with nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and manganese, among their other health benefits such as:

  • Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Can boots exercise recovery
  • Can benefit heart health
  • Can improve symptoms of arthritis and gout 
  • Can possibly improve sleep quality
  • Easy to incorporate into your diet

With all these benefits, of course, our global shipping solutions company will want to get them to your local stores in a safe and timely manner, 

How Are Cherries Transported?

Like many fruits, cherries are highly perishable and keep the longest when they are refrigerated and dry. Thankfully to our cool chain management, we are able to keep all perishable products as fresh as possible during transportation. Our team is IATA Certified in Temperature-Controlled Cargo Operations, meaning shipping with us means getting the highest quality of services. 

Cherries are also known to have delicate skin. This means that during their transportation, they must be handled with care. Having all the proper storage and technology will reduce the risk of the fruit getting damaged. That also means it will reduce the chances of rapid spoilage. In the case of damp weather, it is really important to protect the fruit from added moisture, which will also help in preventing spoilage. 

How Are Cherries Stored?

Cherries are known to have delicate skin, so they must be treated and handled with the appropriate care. Cherry cargo can become rapidly spoiled if the fruit’s skin is damaged during transportation. This is why cherry storage usually contains fruit crates or cartons. These containers can protect the fruit while helping with the management of keeping the necessary temperature. 

After it has been delivered and then purchased from the grocery store, cherry storage is a little different. Here are 5 tips for keeping your cherries fresh:

  • Make sure cherries are dry
  • Remove any bad cherries
  • Keep the stems on
  • Place cherries into a clean bowl in a dark place
  • Extend their shelf life by placing them on a baking sheet

If needed, cherries are also easy to freeze. Just make sure they are washed and pitted before flash-freezing them and placing them into freezer bags.

If you are a customer planning on transporting the cherries after they have been picked up from the store, here are a few things to know to keep them safe:

  • Start by putting a lot of layers of newspaper on top of the cherries
  • Next, put ice packs or ice in leak-proof bags on top of the newspaper
  • Close the lid

Make sure that there isn’t room for the cherries to bounce around and get damaged.  

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