Prime Fresh Handling prides itself on how they excel in the WORLDWIDE SHIPPING INDUSTRY. Their experience has allowed them to come up with some frequently asked questions about shipping blueberries. 


How to Ship Blueberries?

In a few short steps, blueberries can be ready to ship: 

  1. Pack about a quart of berries in a zip-close bag. Each bag should then be put into a disposable storage container to protect the fruit during its transport. 
  2. Cut a piece of cardboard that will fit inside the cooler. It should be big enough to cover the top of both containers, as this will protect the berries from getting freezer burned. 
  3. Wearing oven mitts, place dry ice on top of the cardboard. Then place the lid on the cooler and tape the edges shut. 
  4. Cover the cooler with two layers of mailing paper, address the package, and label the package “Refrigerated Food” and “Contains Dry Ice.”
  5. Ship the package. 


How to Package Blueberry Plants for Shipping?

When shipping blueberry plants, first start by harvesting the plant. Dig around the base of the bush and slowly loosen the roots from the ground. Typically, you won’t need to dig deeper than a foot to completely free the root ball. The plant should ideally be transported immediately. But if that’s not the situation, then wrap a plastic bag around the roots to help retain the moisture. 


What Container Is Best for Blueberries?

Blueberry package containers should be plastic bags or plastic clamshell packaging. Place these inside a fiberboard box that can hold the primary containers. To make them last longer, keep the berries dry and with proper circulation. 

Tip: Avoid using metal and airtight containers. They can speed up the spoiling process when shipping blueberries. 


Can You Store Blueberries in a Mason Jar?

Once the blueberries are shipped and received, a common question is about how to store the berries. A trending way is to store them in mason jars if the mason jar is dry and the berries aren’t washed beforehand, which can lead to them spoiling quickly. Store the jarred blueberries in the fridge.


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