We all know about bananas, but have you ever heard of baby bananas? Prime Fresh Handling is using its years of experience to tell you about this special type of banana. Like our other products and perishable shipping solutions, we take the best care of shipping fruits, including baby bananas. 


What Is a Baby Banana?

Baby bananas, also known as “Lady Fingers,” are the smallest variety of bananas. Baby bananas have thinner skin and are often easier to peel from the bottom. They are found to be sweeter and creamier, making them the perfect dessert banana. 


While being better for desserts, these smaller bananas have the same nutritional value as regular bananas. Two baby bananas equal roughly one regular banana. 


How to Tell When a Banana Is Ripe?

It is easy to tell when a banana is ripe and ready. Just follow these few guidelines to see if the bananas you bought are ready:


  • Brown spots 
  • Soft to squeeze
  • No green on the stem
  • Snap off the stem easily
  • Easy to peel with no resistance
  • No noise when peeling
  • Doesn’t leave a film on your teeth when eating


If you find that they are under-ripe, you can put them in a paper bag to ripen them. It should take about one to three days. Make sure the bag is in a warm location to ensure the timeline. 


How Many Kinds of Bananas Are There?

There are over 1,000 different varieties of bananas grown in over 150 countries, with cavendish being the most popular. They come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors. 


How to Ship Baby Bananas?

Transporting bananas in cardboard boxes and our leading technology has allowed us more climate control. With cold chain supply technologies, we can guarantee that the product will not only arrive on time but also be kept in the best conditions. 


Contact Prime Fresh Handling

Our global shipping company has experience in shipping many different fruits and their different variants. If there are any further questions about baby bananas, contact us today. Our teams are ready to help and answer everything we can.

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