Worldwide Produce Shipping

At Prime Fresh Handling, we have years of experience in meeting the challenges that come with fresh produce shipments and managing the required equipment and facilities on behalf of our many customers. Using sophisticated global logistics solutions, we are available at every step along the fresh produce supply chain. From local farmers, packagers, and shipping professionals to wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants. Our time-tested and proven shipping and storage techniques ensure delicate and time- sensitive fruit and vegetables remain secure and unblemished throughout the entire shipping process. Our team works hard to ensure successful produce shipments that are on schedule.

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Expedited Produce Shipping

As a globally-known provider of logistics products and services, our team understands the intricacies of efficient and effective movement of fresh fruit and vegetables from point A to point B. Our logistics solutions and produce handling services are geared to meet the unexpected challenges that come with transporting fresh fruit and vegetables over long distances. We ensure proper packaging is used such as specialized trays, bags, and wooden or plastic crates to protect produce from damage and bruising. Our global network of cold storage facilities and refrigerated shipping ensures your produce is maintained within the required ranges of temperature and humidity in order to retain product freshness for the duration.




Wide Range of Shipping & Logistics Solutions

The comprehensive produce logistics and transportation capabilities at Prime Fresh Handling allow us to accommodate the needs of a wide range of customers including farmers, wholesalers, grocers, and other retailers, as well as dining establishments. In place at key points along the entire fresh food supply chain, our extensively trained staff handles all types of products from peaches, avocados, citrus, and berries to tropical produce like mangos, bananas, dragonfruit, and pineapples.

We even handle exotic produce like durian and jackfruit as well as many other perishables like fine chocolates and cheeses. Our sophisticated logistics solutions have been developed to carry out expedited fresh fruit and vegetable transport worldwide while minimizing damage and maximizing freshness.



Fresh Produce Handling

  • Expedited fresh fruit and vegetable shipping services
  • Shipping and handling via land, air, and ocean
  • Conventional and organic produce handling
  • California Certified Organic Farmers certification
  • Primus GFS Certification
  • Shipping of other perishable foods

Logistics solutions

  • Produce supply-chain management
  • Cold storage facilities and refrigerated shipping
  • Customized temperature and humidity control
  • Online tracking and tracing
  • End-to-end document visibility
  • Fast product shipments
  • Local and international distribution

Fully Managed Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Prime Fresh Handling offers expert shipping and handling of fresh fruit and vegetables. All across our regionally-focused yet global network of transportation channels, we utilize refrigerated trucks, ocean cargo containers, and aircraft, as well as cooled warehousing to keep all produce at peak freshness. With our crating, labeling, temperature monitoring, warehousing, and careful shipping practices, clients know that when they receive their products, they will be safe, fresh, and delicious. While effectively managing every step along the fresh food supply chain, we ensure products arrive in the same condition as when they were first picked!

Let us do the work
Let us do the work
ready to ship?

ready to ship?

Prime Fresh Handling clients depend on our international network of coordinated cargo and freight service specialists to operate shipping routes across the globe. Our experienced customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer your calls and address any perishable shipping and logistics questions you may have promptly and courteously. We are here for you!

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