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One of the most important industries in the world that will need the assistance of a logistics business, is the insulin industry and all of the businesses that surround it. Since insulin is a necessary health consideration for many people, it is an industry and product that experiences significant demand. If you are one of the producers of insulin that needs assistance with shipping it to the players in your supply chain, Prime Fresh Handling is here to help. Continue reading below to learn more about shipping insulin and how we could help.

What Is the Best Way to Ship Insulin?

Like other kinds of medical equipment, businesses that are shipping insulin will need to be very mindful of the conditions in which insulin is shipped. For one, the temperature at which the product is shipped needs to be optimal. Any variations in temperature – whether too hot or too cold will mean that the insulin will lose its purity and even become unusable. So, when you are shipping insulin, the best way to make sure that it is high quality is to make sure that you are packing it in a lunchbox or insulated cooler. This means that it will maintain its target temperature, which is between 59°F and 86°F. 

Can Insulin Be Shipped Without Refrigeration?

While it is not recommended that you ship insulin without the proper refrigeration, our cold chain management professionals would like to point out that it is possible to ship insulin without refrigeration if it is kept at a temperature between 36°F and 46°F for up to 28 days. Refrigeration technology plays an important role in maintaining optimal temperatures inside a transportation vehicle or system. 

How Do You Transport Insulin?

Transporting insulin is a delicate process where using the utmost care is advised. There are certain considerations that must be weighed before you undertake this journey. For one, you need to make sure that the insulin is never frozen and that you should try your best to avoid extreme heat. For example, leaving insulin unattended for a long period of time could result in it becoming damaged. Insulin needs to be away from direct sunlight and in its original insulin shipping container for the entirety of its journey. Our medical supply and aerospace logistics supplier would like to point out that shipping insulin should be left to experienced professionals like the ones at Prime Group.

More About Prime Fresh Handling

Other than detailing how to ship insulin and other elements about shipping insulin, Prime Fresh Handling is a major player in the shipping and logistics industry for perishable items. Our cool chain management services are some of the best in the industry thanks to our expertise and attention to detail. Whether this be with our knowledge of logistics in the chemical and insulin industry or our international presence thanks to being involved with Amsterdam freight forwarding, we could do it all. Contact us today to learn about how we could ship insulin for you or visit Prime Logistics today to learn more. 

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