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Biological shipping, also known as bio-shipping, is popular for several reasons. It allows for transporting live organisms, such as plants, animals, or microorganisms, for various purposes, including research, conservation, breeding, and commercial applications. Bio-shipping enables the exchange of biological resources across different regions and countries, facilitating scientific collaborations and biodiversity conservation efforts.

This specific shipping type plays a crucial role in the agriculture, aquaculture, and biomedical industries, allowing for the transfer of valuable genetic material, disease-resistant strains, and specialized organisms. Bio-shipping also supports education and public awareness by enabling the distribution of live specimens for educational purposes, enhancing understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

No matter what kind of biological specimen shipping you are dealing with, you will need to count on cold-chain shipping companies to transport your specimens or samples. Continue reading below to learn more about the perishable delivery service offered by Prime Fresh Handling and how it can help your organization today. 

Biological Specimen Shipping

Biological specimen shipping involves carefully handling and transporting live organisms, such as plants, animals, or microorganisms, for scientific, conservation, or commercial purposes. At the beginning of the process, the specimens are carefully collected, packaged, and labeled according to international shipping regulations and requirements. Proper documentation, including permits and certificates, must be obtained for legal compliance. The specimens are then placed in appropriate containers, often with temperature and humidity control, to maintain their viability and integrity during transit.

Typically, shipping in this way is difficult because of all of the factors that play into its success. Some of these factors include strict regulations, specialized packaging, temperature control, and even proper documentation needed for transporting live organisms. When it comes to this aspect of transportation, our experienced import export logistics business is highly experienced and can easily assist. This is because we have a portfolio of premium logistics-optimization solutions enabling organizations to simplify their processes when they need to ship. 

Shipping Biological Samples Internationally

If you would like to learn how to ship biological samples internationally, you should know that the process is complicated. There are many reasons why biological shipping across borders could be difficult for organizations to complete. This is partially because of the different customs procedures there are, especially when it comes to living organisms.

International shipments are subject to customs procedures and inspections, both from the country the items leave from and the country to which they are delivered. Biological samples might even be subject to additional scrutiny, clearance delays, or potential confiscation if not properly declared or accompanied by the required documentation. This is another reason many organizations need help. It’s important to maintain compliance with obtaining necessary permits and documentation, which can be complex and time-consuming.

More About Prime Fresh Handling

Prime Fresh Handling is one of the industry’s most experienced cold shipping companies. This means that companies in need of this type of third-party shipping service because they deal with perishables, can trust us to handle their logistics needs. Whether it’s shipping biologics or other perishable materials like flowers, pharmaceuticals, produce, seafood, or even dairy products, we have you covered.

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