Prime Fresh Handling has years of experience in shipping fresh flowers and live plants. We specialize in providing the proper and specific care that each type of flower or planet will need. Our comprehensive flower shipping logistics company ships many different types of flowers, including long-stem roses, tropical flowers, fresh-cut flowers, and other live plants

Our experts have put their collective knowledge together to answer some commonly asked questions about orchid shipping. 


How to Ship Live Orchids

Shipping orchids correctly requires a special touch during the care process. There are many things that can damage an orchid throughout the process, from rough handling to extreme temperatures that are harmful to the flower. If a nursery rushes through the packing and shipping processes, this leads to absolute disaster and damage. 

In order to avoid this, it is important to trust a company like Prime Fresh to properly handle your plants. Here are the steps we take to ensure the safety of the live orchid plants:

  1. Examine the plant and make sure it is healthy and okay to be shipped. If the plant seems and feels a little dry, then give it a little bit of water to keep it moist during shipment.
  2. Stake the plant. The stakes protect both the leaves and flower spikes.
  3. Take shredded tissue, cotton padding, or wax paper as padding to prevent any injury. Wrap this around the plant to protect the whole thing.
  4. Next, we carefully wrap the plant in paper. If it is small enough, it will sometimes be put into a roll where several can fit. 
  5. The plant is now finally put into shipping boxes for orchids with more paper for added insulation and cushioning. 
  6. Finally, the box is taped up and sealed with a fragile sign so that everyone who handles it from this point forward knows to handle it with care. 


What Are Considered Harmful Temperatures for Orchids?

Since we are a global shipping company, we must pay attention to the weather along the entire route of transport for the orchid. During orchid shipping, if it will be traveling through cold temps, it is important to know how cold is too cold for these beautiful and delicate plants. 

Basically, you don’t want the orchid in temperatures any lower than 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This could lead to the water in the plant and the leaves freezing and causing cold damage. Cold damage is when the plant becomes squishy, brown, and lifeless-looking with blackened leaves and brown or black pits. This will become more noticeable as the orchid begins to warm up again.


What Do Orchids Symbolize?

As our professionals continue to further their knowledge, they have learned that the different colors of orchids symbolize different things:

  • Blue Orchids: This flower represents uncommon yet natural beauty that can also be found in the people we love. It is a beautiful and rare flower that, through its uniqueness, symbolizes spirituality. 
  • Red Orchids: These symbolize strength, determination, courage, perseverance, passion, desire, and love. This blood bloom is perfect for sending to a person who loves deeply, or it is beautiful when paired with red roses. 
  • Pink Orchids: This bloom is associated with grace, gentleness, innocence, happiness, playfulness, and fertility. They are perfect for giving to growing families and expectant mothers as a way to celebrate the new life. They are also a great touch to baby showers, baptisms, and weddings.
  • White Orchids: When we think of the color white, we think of purity. White orchids are a symbol of just that, along with faith, humility, safety, elegance, innocence, and beauty. Perfect for weddings and other spiritual places. 
  • Purple Orchids: These symbolize authority, dignity, and royalty. It’s a way to show admiration and respect towards those you are sending them to. 
  • Yellow Orchids: These are a sign of cheerfulness, happiness, and optimism. They represent friendship, new beginnings, and joy. 
  • Orange Orchids: This wonderful color is a sign of creativity, excitement, sunshine, and success. 
  • Green Orchids: These are perfect for sending to those who might need extra blessings and luck. It is a meaningful and sweet gift that represents good fortune and health, longevity, and nature.


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