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Shipping Long Stem Roses FAQ

At Prime Fresh Handling, we offer shipping solutions, connections, and cargo specialists for your shipping needs. We specialize in shipping fresh flowers like long stem roses, a delicate process where the flowers must be handled with care. Our services ensure your long stem roses are shipped safely, securely, and quickly. If you have questions about how we ship these delicate flowers, read our frequently asked questions below for more information.


How to Ship Roses FAQ

How to Properly Package Roses for Shipping?

It is essential to properly package the roses to keep them safe. No one wants to open their roses and have petals everywhere or broken stems. Strong boxes are used to help prevent this. The proper packing materials are then used to reduce movement and damage from vibrations to the flowers. The flowers should be lightly wrapped, similar to how flowers are wrapped in plastic at the store. 


How to Prepare Roses for Shipping?

Roses are prepped in a way that will also protect them. First, the stems should be cut. While long stem roses are beautiful, sometimes they don’t always fit in the boxes. For this reason, the stems are cut to fit the boxes and prevent breakage. It is also important to know that the stems will be trimmed at an angle that creates a larger surface for water absorption when they are received. An angle cut also prevents the stems from splitting, which is an integral part of keeping long-stemmed roses alive during shipping.

If arrangements are sent, they will be secured with a rubber band or cable ties around the middle before placing them in the box. 


Is Water Included in Flower Shipments?

No, and this is important! When shipping flowers, water is not included in vases. Water can leak and cause damage to the product or other safety issues. While it may not count as a shippable hazardous material, it can still be unsafe or damaging. 


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Prime Fresh Handling strives to meet all your transportation and shipping needs. We use our worldwide connection of cargo and freight solutions to quickly and properly ship your goods. Our services are unmatched. Contact us today with any further questions.

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