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Growing and harvesting live plants for your clients and customers is one thing… shipping them is another. At Prime Fresh Handling, we connect you with our international network of freight and cargo specialists to get your fresh plants where they need to be, without sacrificing any quality along the way.

Shipping Live Plants: FAQ

What Types of Live Plants Can Be Shipped?

Almost every type! The members of the Prime Fresh team are experts in fresh plant handling, and no job is too large or too small for us to handle. Our network of warehouses includes the best in COOL CHAIN MANAGEMENT technology. This means there will never be a point where your live plants are exposed to the wrong temperatures. From warehouses to loading docks and airplanes to trucks, Prime Fresh guarantees the cold chain will keep your plants in perfect shape to ensure the longest possible shelf life.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Live Plants?

Shipping live plants is a complicated process that involves dozens, if not hundreds of people working in coordination each step of the way. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine the cost of fresh plant shipping and handling without first contacting an experienced customer service representative. At Prime Fresh Handling, we are ready to answer any questions you have and then prepare a quote right away.

What Are Some Challenges in Live Plant Shipping?

Some plants require a lot of sunlight, others require none. Some live plants need constant watering, others can go a week or more without water. An expert perishable shipping company will manage all types of plant shipments and make sure the proper conditions are maintained until the final destination.

One of the biggest challenges farmers experience in shipping live plants is protecting them from physical damage. Plants are delicate and can not risk being crushed or toppled. On the other hand, space is always at a premium and expert methods need to be employed to maximize that space without endangering the plants’ structure.

How Can Vacuum Cooling Protect Live Plants During Shipping?

Vacuum cooling is a popular perishable shipping solution and a LEADING TECHNOLOGY that Prime Fresh Handling uses often in live plant shipping. The process involves the rapid cooling of any perishable product, including live plants, which helps ensure that both the exterior and interior of the items are cooled at a constant temperature. Vacuum cooling will protect live plants by reducing the chance of withering or the odds of bacteria growth.

Let Prime Fresh Handle Your Live Plant Shipping!

We are part of the Prime Group and are connected with the best network of worldwide coordinated cargo and freight specialists. Don’t let your live plants flourish at their origin but wilt at their destination. CONTACT PRIME FRESH HANDLING today to learn how our perishable shipping solutions can work for you!

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