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Shipping dairy products is more than simple transportation from one location to the next. These perishable products require special care and trained professionals to handle each step of the shipping process. Prime Fresh Handling is a logistics services company with refrigerated warehousing and expertise in shipping all types of perishables, including dairy products. We are a global leader in commercial freight services and have access to industry-leading technology to ensure that all perishables shipped by us arrive at their destination safe, fresh, and delicious. 

If you are wondering how to ship dairy products properly, there are different ways to accomplish this depending on the product that needs to be shipped. We also have shipping experts who help our clients and customers better understand this process from start to finish. 

Shipping Dairy Products

Having dairy shipped is a delicate but important process in the food industry. The main goal of the process is to have the products arrive at their final destinations fresh and unspoiled. This is why proper care and cool chain management are so important. 

Shipping dairy products also helps the environment by preventing products from becoming contaminated with harmful bacteria or other toxins. These food products must be kept fresh and at the proper temperature throughout their transportation process to achieve this. 

The first step is collecting raw milk from dairy farms and transporting it to the dairy processing plants. This is where it is pasteurized and made into different dairy products. From here, the products are shipped to different grocery stores, restaurants, and other consumers. This interconnected system plays a huge role in the safety and high quality of the products. 

When thinking about having dairy shipped, there are a few key factors that companies like Prime Fresh Handling take into consideration to ensure successful transport:

  • Dairy products must be kept at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Our climate-controlled storage and shipping containers will help with this.
  • Time management is integral. Dairy products must be moved as quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce the risk of spoiling. 
  • All shipments Are tracked from start to finish to keep them on their specific timelines or to make any adjustments needed during the process. 
  • We always execute proper packing and handling from start to finish. Our specially trained team handles this part of the process.

Packing Materials for Shipping Dairy

Having the proper packing materials is essential to successful shipments. Packaging for shipped dairy products is more than just the outer containers. The inner packaging is also extremely important. There are many options to consider for the inner parts of the packing, including:

  • Cushioning
  • Insulation
  • Coolants
  • Labeling
  • Instructions

The components involved in packaging will depend on the type of dairy shipped in that particular load. For example, when shipping cheese, it is often cushioned by hay, wood shavings, or other similar materials. 

Dairy products like milk or yogurt are often shipped in glass or plastic bottles and then carefully placed in thermal bags. Many dry ice or gel ice packs help keep them refrigerated. Once the items are situated in these packs, the bottles are placed into a shipping box and filled with cushioning materials to ensure they don’t shift around during transport. Many dairy products are shipped in a similar process.

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