What Is IATA Tempurature-Controlled Cargo Operation Certificate?

As a major provider of perishable shipping solutions, our organization, Prime Fresh Handling, complies with a multitude of regulatory requirements to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of time- and temperature-sensitive cargo. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) mandates a variety of policies for the efficacy and safety of critical aviation operations. We have vast experience fulfilling the requirements of many of these policies, and as such, Prime Fresh Handling possesses the IATA temperature-controlled cargo operations certificate.

temperature controlled cargo


What Does the Certification Allow You to Do?

For those air-cargo logistics service providers wishing to enter the pharmaceutical logistics market, this cargo operative certificate is a prerequisite. Healthcare product shipping requires specialized packing and transportation expertise, as life-saving or threatening products require special attention.


What Does This Certification Entail?

Prospective pharmaceutical logistics providers seeking the IATA Temperature-Controlled Operation Certificate are required to complete several mandated steps – first and foremost, an intensive three-day training course. 

The Course

The three-day course covers packaging requirements and best practices for the storage, acceptance, and handling of healthcare shipments that are susceptible to temperature variations and prolonged periods in transit. The course consists of 24 hours of instruction.


Further Requirements Upon Course Completion

Once completed, your business will have to demonstrate competency in areas outlined in the course, along with additional guidelines. The company must guarantee that it can adhere to the rules set forth by IATA as they pertain to efficient and reliable handling of time- and temperature-sensitive products under varying conditions and circumstances. 

Your business will need to follow requirements created by the Quality Management Systems (QMS) that apply specifically to the Healthcare and Air Cargo industries. Once your organization demonstrates its ability to meet these requirements through various practice scenarios, you will receive guidelines for creating business-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


When Are the Next Courses for an IATA Temperature-Controlled Cargo Operation Certificate Offered?

To view the future course offerings to receive this cargo operative certificate, visit IATA’s course page. There you will find dates for all upcoming courses plus information on how to set up in-house training for groups of five or more.


Handle Healthcare Shipping with Prime Fresh Handling

As an industry-leading provider of perishable shipping services, Prime Fresh Handling’s various technological capabilities, including cool chain management services, have allowed us to obtain necessary cargo operative certificates necessary for healthcare products shipping. We are on call 24/7 to transport any necessary pharmaceutical products year-round, wherever the destination.

In addition to our pharmaceutical shipping capabilities, Prime Fresh Handling offers transportation services for flowers and plants, produce and perishables, seafood, and specialty foods

Contact our customer service representatives today for more information regarding Prime Fresh Handling’s expert perishable shipping solutions. 


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