The Kombucha and Cold-Pressed Juice Health Revolution is Here

“Kombucha and cold pressed juices are the forerunners in the world of refreshing beverages since lemonade stands took a step down from the limelight,” says Cristina Moscoso of Prime Fresh Handling while taking a brisk sip of her ginger flavored kombucha – but why have this fizzy probiotic beverage and juice from pressed fruits and vegetables become the drink of choice in the last decade among millennials and younger generations? The answer lies in the growing health-consciousness consumers are fostering in the food industry, which has caused a demand for alternatives to the artificially flavored, heavily sweetened beverages commonly seen at grocery or convenience stores.

The spirit of this health revolution hasn’t only affected the young, but it has matured in each age group and PFH has become an essential part in the movement toward a healthier world by using its fresh food handling and shipping expertise in fields like, how to ship glass and how to ship refrigerated goods, to ensure safely and swiftly bring kombucha and cold-pressed juices to their clients.

Kombucha 101

Before specifics are given about how PFH maintains these products at optimum freshness, which has much to do with how to pack glass for shipping while maintaining  coolness, it’s worth exploring a brief overview of kombucha and cold pressed juice.

Kombucha is considered a functional beverage, which means that it does not have any alcohol, and contains various nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and trace minerals. Preparing kombucha is an involved process which requires double fermentation wherein a cylindrical-shaped culture of bacteria and yeast called a SCOBY is placed in a sweet tea mixture. Before the mixture is sealed tightly in a bottle and is left carbonated for two weeks, it first needs to sit at room temperature and left to ferment for up to three weeks. Once it completes its fermentation cycle, the kombucha is refrigerated to slow carbonation and further fermentation; at this point the kombucha has reached the peak of its health benefits and is ready for drinking! The biggest draws from kombucha, health-wise, are the probiotics that come from the SCOBY, and the various amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements generated during the fermentation process.

Cold-Presses, Literally

Now most people hear that juice is really high in sugar, and may be finding themselves asking “is cold-pressed juice good for you?” As to cold-pressed juices, the process of preparation is very different, but the health benefits are equally significant!

Cold-pressed juice is made using thousands of pounds of pressure in order to extract nearly all the liquid from every fruit and vegetable you could imagine. The reason it’s called “cold-pressed” juice is because in the process of making it there is no additional heat or oxygen used, which means that no nutrients are lost due to damage from either of those elements. The lack of traditional pasteurization and a cool storing temperature secure the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants which give cold-pressed juices their good name in the world of healthy beverages. Because of the lack of artificial preservatives, another question may be “how long is cold-pressed juice good for?” The answer is three to five upon opening if properly refrigerated.

Shipping kombucha and shipping cold-pressed juice are both encompassed by PFH’s practices in shipping glass. PFH ensures that the most suitable temperature is maintained in the shipping container, and that the glass used transfers the cold to the delicious beverage it contains so that when it arrives at its intended destination, there’ll be much to delight over.

Demand is Skyrocketing

“Our customers, including retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, cafes, and the sort, are seeing a surge in demand for nutrient-dense beverages. But not only that,” adds Moscoso, “they know they are quenching a growing consumer base who want to better nourish themselves with essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients which are found in kombucha and cold-pressed juice.”

“Our shipping expertise is a given with our partners,” stresses Moscoso. “To match that excellence, PFH customers find comfort in knowing that we always handle and ship their delicate product in top-grade cold storage containers specially designed for delivering perishable goods swiftly and safely without sacrificing the integrity of the ingredient.”

The delicate care necessary to retain the nutrients in these beverages in their best form is given by PFH during their shipping and handling process. PFH holds various food-quality and safety certifications. Certified by the HACCP, the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points, as well as by the GFSI, the Global Food Safety Initiative, PFH assures that the odyssey undertaken by the kombucha and cold-pressed juice to get to the hands of clients is done swimmingly.

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