Prime Fresh Handling Casts a Big Net Over New York

Prime Fresh Handling is casting a big net over New York, as it continues to expand its presence in the tri-state area. Historically the big fish in town providing fresh-flower logistics, since expanding its portfolio just two years ago, PFH is now a known name in handling fresh seafood here as well.

“Since early 2019, when Prime Fresh Handling decided to couple its core mission of handling fresh-cut flowers with the import of fresh fish, business has been growing exponentially,” says Alex Paredes, PFH Sales Manager North America.

“The strategy of introducing fresh fish into our New York service line is definitely paying off, as PFH is standing the test of time,” he continued, noting there are two main drivers for the company’s continued success in this highly competitive market:

“First, we were not only able to take immediate advantage of the company’s existing cold-chain infrastructure in support of our well established flower business here; but secondly, our proven know-how in shipping and handling super sensitive perishables makes all the difference in attracting and retaining great customers.” Prime Fresh Handling is a division of Miami-based Prime Group, a global provider of perishables logistics services and products since 2001.

Not to suggest PFH isn’t facing competition in this enormous metropolitan market. But Paredes says other companies in New York focus predominantly on the trucking service, not on the handling end of the business – as PFH is doing so well.

“While we do have own dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks to ship product, our main focus is expert handling – and of course quality control.”

PFH currently serves most major distribution centers in New York such as the New Fulton Fish Market in Hunt’s Point in the Bronx, as well as in upstate New York and New Jersey, and more recently Boston and Philadelphia.

Let’s Get Fresh

Although timing is everything in the highly-specialized perishables business, understandably, fish require a much higher degree of care and attention than flowers due to the health and safety concerns around handing fresh seafood.

“Freshness is everything with fish. That’s why our customers demand that their product is recovered within three to four hours of landing at the airport, and that we adhere to the strictest standards of quality control all along the way,” says Paredes. “And this is where reliance on real-time technology and real-time problem solving come to play.”

Use of Technology

Prime Fresh Handling not only utilizes bar-code based technologies to track the customer’s precious product while in transit, but also cutting-edge systems that monitor the temperature of seafood and other key measurements of product freshness and quality.

How it All Works:

  • As soon as the fresh product arrives at the PFH’s JFK warehouse, expert handlers are standing by to begin preparing the fish immediately, in order to meet strict delivery deadlines throughout the New York area and to connect with flights and trucks to down-line cities.
  • PFH staff adeptly coordinates all local and international shipping details that deal with air carriers and customs.
  • From that moment of arrival, the imperative is to initiate direct, real-time communications with the end-point customers, wholesale/retail distributors, and restaurants.
  • Using a mobile scanner, warehouse staff clicks on the pallet, triggering a message to the customer that their shipment of fish has arrived, it’s been offloaded from the aircraft, and it is now in our warehouse.
  • As the process of breaking down the pallets begins, temperatures are continually monitored and the customer is now advised that their delicate cargo is being segregating by fish type.
  • Because orders are custom-prepared based on customer need, on their end, they sign for what they want it, their order is boxed and iced, and is quickly dispatched for delivery.

All the while, PFH’s use of high tech is also keeping its staff on point in order to minimize delays and eliminate human error.

Throughout the entire journey, food safety is a top priority. PFH has received many important food-quality and safety certifications including a Primus Certification issued by PrimusGFS, a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

“The services we provide are smart, timely, and necessary – and they benefit everyone, including the final customer, with fork and knife in hand,” says Paredes. “While the product is in our capable hands, our clients know they can leave any worries about freshness and safety with us.”

About Prime Fresh Handling

Prime Fresh Handling can manage your seafood supply chain to ensure the successful delivery of fresh and frozen fish and seafood products. As leaders in seafood distribution logistics and fresh fish delivery, our clients range from fishermen and wholesalers to restaurants and other types of dining establishments, all the way to hotels and cruise ships.

Our efficient transportation and secure storage methods ensure time-sensitive perishable seafood products stay fresh throughout the shipping process. The ultimate goal of our team is to carry out on-time deliveries of fresh and frozen seafood to customers located throughout the world.

In addition to fresh fish delivery, PFH is the authority on reliable international shipping and handling of precious time- and temperature-sensitive commodities such as fruit, produce, and cut flowers to pharmaceutical products and vaccines,

In addition to Los Angeles, the company’s primary gateway cities include New York, Miami, Amsterdam, and Bogotá – all providing fast and easy access to all the world’s major markets.

Prime Fresh Handling is located at 444 Bayview Ave., Inwood, NY 11096. For information, contact PFH Sales Manager-North America Alex Paredes at or by calling 516-837-9777. Visit Prime Fresh Handling for more. 

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