Expert International Handling Ensures Great Ending to this ‘Lobster Tale’

The 2021 lobster season is just kicking off in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, and Prime Fresh Handling is already getting calls to transport “marine crustacean passengers” – fresh, live lobsters – via air to multiple major markets around the world.

And right now, the hot spot on the cold supply chain is in supplying live-lobster between Cancun and Hong Kong.

Long-time experts in providing perishable shipping solutions, PFH knows well that maintaining the freshness and integrity of such products while in transit is a highly complex undertaking.

Our food distributors and wholesale customers know that too, which is why they keep turning to PFH to support them in meeting the demand among their end customers in the retail grocery, fresh market, and restaurant sectors. They depend on PFH to do it right – and we deliver.

But the shipment and handling of live product like lobster is really quite specialized, says PFH West Coast General Manager Cristina Moscoso – much more challenging than most people know.

First, let’s start at the end – Hong Kong. Home to 7.5 million people, “Asia’s World City” is a critical trade hub with a growing, competitive seafood market valued at $2.6 billion for imported fish and seafood products. In addition, 40 percent of all imported, consumer-oriented agriculture products are re-exported to other countries, according to the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Services.

So, the fresh and live seafood transportation chain must move at breakneck speed to ensure live lobsters arrive on time and in excellent shape. Fortunately, PFH is more than up to the task.

Savory Lobster Dreams
Right now, we know eager consumers can’t wait to enjoy a delicious seasonally harvested fresh lobster, whether at a local restaurant, food market, or at home. In fact, we’re salivating as we envision chowing down on lobster linguine, Sichuan lobster with saffron, lobster thermidor, or a classic lobster cake or roll. In fact, in Hong Kong, a great dish to “share” with friends or family is “Lobster Mountain” – a humongous heaping peak of fried lobster.

Just as tasty lobster dishes are varied, so are Prime Fresh Handling’s customized, business-to-business services for international shipping and handling. We’ll gladly tailor our services to your specific business needs whether that involves shipping fresh lobsters, shrimp, fresh fish or other perishables – or whether you need cargo flights to Hong Kong, or alternatively to Miami, New York, Amsterdam, or beyond.

For frozen, fresh, and live seafood handling, we offer high-quality processing, packaging, consolidation, warehousing, inventory, and cold storage. With the lobster deliveries to Hong Kong starting in early June, we also arranged all aspects of transportation for these tasty crustaceans as they traveled from Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

From Sea to Table
Lobsters caught in Riviera Maya’s warm, offshore waters are clean, environmentally friendly, and non-GMO. That certainly appeals to grocery, market, or restaurant clients whose own customers increasingly insist on healthy, fresh, clean seafood not manipulated or damaged by human actions.

Lobsters are caught fresh, “rehomed” temporarily in oxygenated water tanks onboard fishing vessels, offloaded ashore and whisked off to packaging facilities. There, they’re carefully packed (often in gel), placed in appropriate containers and bathed in cool temperatures to cool them down so they get appropriately woozy during the transit via ground vehicles and aboard the aircraft.

“As soon as they touch down at Los Angeles, our local PFH staff is waiting to pick up the live lobster containers and immediately deliver them to the second carrier – typically within just two to three hours,” says Moscoso. The lobster are then flown out LAX, cross the international dateline, and land the next day in Hong Kong.

Upon arrival crews places the product back into tanks to slowly revive them. To stay ahead of the mortality curve, the allowable transit time for international live lobster transport is just 40 hours.

PFH adeptly coordinates all international shipping details and deals with air carriers and customs. Using our state-of-the-art technology, our customers also can track the progress of their precious shipments.

Certified in Safety
Also, throughout the entire journey, food safety is a top priority. Upholding our status as a world-class provider of the highest caliber of quality in the food industry are the numerous food-quality and safety certifications PFH has achieved.

 With a certified HACCP program in place (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points), as well as earning a Primus Certification issued by PrimusGFS, a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), PFH stands out as one of the industry’s most trustworthy handlers and shippers of live shellfish, as well as fresh seafood, and other perishables

This assures our customers that while their lobster and/or fresh fish are in our facilities, they are being handled and processed under the best possible conditions so that the product makes its way to the final consumer exactly as expected – guaranteed fresh.

Tap into our expertise. As the peak lobster-shipping season gets under way, give us a call to discuss your international shipping and handling needs. We’re here to help. We also look forward to meeting new clients or seeing our existing perishable-seafood-segment customers at the Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America conference, scheduled for March 2022 in Boston.

In parting, this blog’s lobster tale really comes down to the importance of an “excellent performance.” Tonight, while enjoying twinkling Hong Kong skyline views, a couple is enjoying a tasty dinner of fresh, wok-fried lobster with black garlic and matsutake mushrooms at a renowned Central restaurant. At the same time, halfway across the world, we’re savoring the successful international shipping and handling process that made that luscious dinner possible.

About Prime Fresh Handling
Prime Fresh Handling can manage your seafood supply chain to ensure the successful delivery of fresh and frozen fish and seafood products. As leaders in seafood distribution logistics and fresh fish delivery, our clients range from fishermen and wholesalers to restaurants and other types of dining establishments, all the way to hotels and cruise ships.

Our efficient transportation and secure storage methods ensure time-sensitive perishable seafood products stay fresh throughout the shipping process. The ultimate goal of our team is to carry out on-time deliveries of fresh and frozen seafood to customers located throughout the world.

In addition to fresh fish delivery, PFH is the authority on reliable international shipping and handling of precious time- and temperature-sensitive commodities such as fruit, produce, and cut flowers to pharmaceutical products and vaccines,

In addition to Los Angeles, the company’s primary gateway cities include New York, Miami, Amsterdam, and Bogotá – all providing fast and easy access to all the world’s major markets.

Contact Information
For information, contact PFH General Manager-West Coast Cristina Moscoso at 323-328-8650, via email at, or visit or our global perishable shipping company website. 

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