Baja Kanpachi is the Kingfish of Tomorrow – and it’s Coming Your Way Today

“Baja Kanpachi, it can’t be understated, is the kingfish of tomorrow,” begins Cristina Moscoso of Prime Fresh Handling. It’s something of a miracle fish: it’s available year-round, ecologically sourced in state-of-the-art hatcheries that utilize the latest hydroponics technology to ensure there’s no single contaminant flowing into our oceans through their production practice, and Kanpachi is by all means organic. Oh, and it’s delicious!

“The best part is that we here at Prime Fresh Handling (PFH) get to bring this culinary wonder, so beloved by Mexico, to consumers throughout the U.S., from coast to coast.” Moscoso is the West Coast Station Manager for PFH-Los Angeles.

What is Kanpachi?

Farmed in the aquamarine waters off the rocky Baja California Sur coast of Mexico – reminiscent of the Kona Coast of the Island of Hawai’i where its Hawaiian sibling reigns –  Kanpachi fish, which can also be referred to as Kampachi, kingfish, or amberjack is a luminary fish of Japanese and coastal cuisines due to its near-delicate texture and mild-leaning flavor profile – both of which make the meat of the fish highly receptive to both buttery and zesty sauces, as well as a fitting feast for those who enjoy eating sashimi, bite-sized slices of raw fish.

Abundant in clean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, having been raised without prophylactic antibiotics, hormones, or any form of genetic modifications, and replete with a 30 percent fat content, Baja Kanpachi is a versatile ingredient.

Whether customers are looking for delectable, melt-in-your-mouth sushi, or to be impressed with an avant-garde gastronomic experience that sees the white fish crisped atop a bed of fresh slaw in a taco, or delighted in American fashion, prepped as a filet accompanied by sauteed green vegetables made tangy with a squeeze of lemon, the wide spectrum of possibilities that the Kanpachi can achieve will meet all demands.

Surge in Demand

“Our customers, including wholesalers, high-end restaurants, and the sort, are seeing a surge in demand for seafood, with Baja California Sur’s finest culinary gem topping the list. But not only that,” adds Moscoso, “they know they are ‘feeding’ a niche among consumers who want to feel clear in their conscience knowing that the Kanpachi is farmed in one of the most advanced, eco-friendly hatcheries.”

Baja Kanpachi fish is raised in an open-ocean hatchery along the coast of Baja California Sur, being indigenous to the South Pacific Ocean, and where they thrive bolstered by thorough and ongoing scientific studies meant to maximize the quality of life of the fish. Harvesting the longfin yellowtail is done carefully not only to assure that their already long shelf life and year-round availability are not compromised, but as importantly to utilize the primary purpose of modern aquaculture which is to create a sustainable way of growing fish without affecting the ocean’s ecosystem.

A limited amount of food is needed to grow the fish, and that amount is monitored by marine biologists. The feed is GMO-free, and the expanse of ocean environment offered to the Kanpachi allows them to stay exercised and healthy.

Additionally, there are no detectable traces of either PCBs, which are cancer-causing polychlorinated biphenyls that originate from factories and are absorbed by phytoplankton to find their way into the bellies of fish ultimately, nor is there any mercury in the Kanpachi. If for whatever reason a Kanpachi from the hatchery found its way into the ocean, there would be no detrimental effect done to the local ecosystem because of the efforts taken to raise it organically.

PFH’s Shipping Expertise

“Our shipping expertise is a given with our partners,” stresses Moscoso. “To match that excellence, PFH customers find comfort in knowing that we always handle and ship their delicate product in top-grade cold storage containers specially designed for delivering perishable goods swiftly and safely without sacrificing the integrity of the ingredient.”

The delicate balance of environment and food required to raise Kanpachi is perfectly paralleled in the care PFH takes in delivering the fish to its partners which is why they are trusted worldwide by chefs, restaurants, food professionals, cruise lines, and wholesale providers.

Among the measures taken to perfectly preserve Baja Kanpachi – a reminder that it’s known for its tenderness, which sees it prepared raw, braised, boiled, steamed, roasted, or grilled and served over pasta, fried rice, or butter-fried mushrooms – PFH holds various food-quality and safety certifications. Certified by the HACCP, the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points, as well as by the GFSI, the Global Food Safety Initiative, PFH assures that the transition from farm-to-table which the Kanpachi undergoes is done swimmingly.

When it comes to fish, it is a well-known fact that the temperature in which they are raised guarantees the highest yield of lean protein and healthy omega-3 oils. The annual water temperature of Baja California Sur, Mexico varies from 80°F  to a max of 85°F. Since the Baja Kanpachi is indigenous to the area, the privilege of ensuring that the fish is as fresh as possible lies on PFH, always known to deliver, making them a great catch.

About Prime Fresh Handling

Prime Fresh Handling can manage your seafood supply chain to successfully deliver fresh and frozen fish and seafood products. As leaders in seafood distribution logistics and fresh fish delivery, our clients range from fishermen and wholesalers to restaurants and other types of dining establishments, all the way to hotels and cruise ships.

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In addition to Los Angeles, the company’s primary gateway cities include New York, Miami, Amsterdam, and Bogotá, providing fast and easy access to all of the world’s major markets.

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