It All Starts with a Seed – and with Prime Fresh Handling’s Global Perishables Expertise

Perishable products come in all shapes and sizes – sometimes even as small as a pepper seed – but one thing they all have in common is the demand for the utmost care. And the attention required getting any of their time- and temperature-sensitive commodities safely and swiftly to market.

Pepper seeds are often sold in bunches for the consumer sector because they make great gifts. Most are sold in large batches on the wholesale or retail markets for farming. But some go in a much different route.

Such is the case with a recent shipment of pepper seeds from the Luoyang agriculture technology area in China to Laredo, Texas. In this case, the destination for the Chinese seeds was a facility that specializes in the research and development of seeds. So PFH was brought in to ensure the proper handling of the product at every point along the way. Considerations in shipping the seeds included:

  • Outbound materials needed to be packaged appropriately to ensure that the integrity of the products was maintained
  • Products could not be exposed to extreme variations in temperature
  • Required Phytosanitary Certificates had to be in hand
  • And if any seed shipments required additional declaration statements, as required by U.S. Federal agricultural orders, they also needed to have those orders in hand – otherwise, the seed shipments may be refused entry.

International Shipping Experts to the Rescue

PFH is an expert in perishable shipping. We offer tailor-made, end-to-end transport solutions via air, land, and sea – and pre-trip inspections to ensure the very best door-to-door service required to meet customer needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we have gained the know-how required for the seamless import and export of a wide variety of commodities. Our company standards include ensuring all the proper paperwork is provided for smooth transport through the various regulatory bodies along the way.

“Cargo transportation can entail various risks. That’s why we strive to take all due care when handling your products,” says Christina Moscoso, Prime Fresh Handling’s General Manager, West Coast. “This ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that your shipment’s value is not impacted in any way during its journey with us.”

If Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Peppers …

However many “pecks” 1,200 kg of pepper seeds is, PFH recently shipped precisely that many to the Texas research lab – for reasons that may leave Peter Piper and the rest of us curious for quite some time. But suffice to say, it might very well involve improving the efficiency with which a peck of seeds can help produce a ton of Pepper Steak takeout.

Without disclosing the name of our client, we can safely say this client is a Mexico-based company dedicated to the commercialization of high-quality seeds and technological innovation.

We’ve also been able to gather that, since their inception, the company has wanted to position itself as one that cares about satisfying the specific needs of customers – and selling more “solutions” than products. They care about innovating and proposing cutting-edge organic products.

We also understand they have developed new products through companies to which they subcontract their services (the research and development of seeds), and they have a technical department carrying out field tests and conducting physical demonstrations to potential buyers.

So, whatever customers need to handle and ship, from soup to nuts – to seeds, Moscoso emphasizes that “it’s a smart idea to make Prime Fresh Handling the first stop in the pursuit of a pro who will manage all of your international air cargo logistics needs. We’re ready to assist you and answer all of your questions. See how we can help your business.”

Global Services 

Whether it’s a box, a pallet, or a companywide logistics operation, PFH is skilled in achieving safe on-time delivery of time- and temperature-sensitive material and products between any point of origin and destination around the globe.

In fact, PFH is also known as a global leader in perishables transportation of fresh produce shipping, fish, cut flowers, and plants. With state-of-the-art facilities in Europe, South America, and across North America, PFH leverages industry-leading technologies such as vacuum cooling, sorting, re-packing, barcoding, labeling, and temperature monitoring to guarantee a consistent, safe, and fresh delivery.

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