How to Ship Salmon From Alaska?

With our experience in the seafood industry, Prime Fresh Handling has gained a lot of knowledge about how to ship salmon from Alaska and other seafood shipping facts. It is important when dealing with seafood that the freshness and quality of the products are kept throughout the entire shipping process. 

Our experts have learned how to maximize the freshness of each shipment to their final destination. Salmon shipped from Alaska needs to be able to withstand a minimum of 48 hours during transportation. Here are a few ways to properly package salmon for shipping. 

Fresh Alaskan Salmon

Shipping salmon from Alaska requires a well-thought-out plan and all the proper materials for packing and shipping. The average time it takes to transport salmon is approximately 10 to 24 hours. During that time, the packing materials must provide the fish with adequate refrigeration and protection. The last thing you will want to worry about is a shipment of fish arriving bruised, thawed out, or spoiled. 

All these can be easily avoided if preventative measures are taken, and the salmon is properly prepared for the journey. Here are some commonly used fish boxes and the pros and cons of each. 

Two-Piece Wax Box

The two-piece wax box is one of the most common boxes used when salmon is shipped from Alaska. The wax is available in different sizes depending on the capacity needed. The 25 or 50-pound capacity boxes are most regularly used. A plastic liner will always need to be added to keep the shipment secure. 

The box will also need insulations like foil, bubble bag liner, or foam liner to keep the fish frozen or fresh for longer. Adding a refrigerant will also help keep the salmon frozen or fresh.

Foam Box

This is one of the best options when planning how to ship salmon from Alaska. It can help keep the product fresh or frozen for over 24 hours. Fresh fish works really well in foam boxes when a refrigerant is used. 

Foam boxes do require an outer corrugated box for any shipments done by air. The corrugated box is designed to help protect the foam box from breakage in case it is dropped. These foam boxes are also recyclable or reused. 

TRY Fold 50 lb. Airline Shipping Box

This type of box is a 50-pound airline-approved box for transporting fresh or frozen fish. It is a box constructed with a double wall corrugated non-waxed box that comes with a foil/bubble liner glued into it to eliminate the need for a plastic bag, and it provides insulation. The box is flat and easy to set up and only requires tape for the bottom and top flaps. The liner comes with double-sided tape to allow you to secure the product inside. 

The TRY Fold is designed to transport frozen fish for up to 12 to 18 hours with no refrigerant needed. It can also be broken down or reused. This is the best box for shipments from Alaska.

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