How to Ship Chocolate

Prime Fresh Handling has many years of experience in shipping chocolate and using a cool chain management system. In our time, we have learned that chocolates are seen as heartfelt and thoughtful gifts, especially around holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Since not everyone lives within driving distance from each other, chocolates are often shipped. But do all distributors know how to ship chocolate properly?

Manufacturers of these thoughtful and delicious gifts need to understand the obstacles and special needs that each product will need to avoid melting and damage. This is why one of the biggest questions our team of experts can help answer is explaining how to ship chocolate correctly. Below we share different packaging tips and more to protect this delicate product during transport. 

Best Way to Ship Chocolate

Chocolate creations take a lot of time and patience. This is why it is important to take proper care of them during packaging and shipping. Regardless of the way that it is being transported, here are a few chocolate packing tips:

  • Use food-safe candy packaging to keep the chocolate safe. Once they are individually taken care of, the candies should be cushioned and boxed.
  • Make sure there is enough space in the shipping container for the cushioning, candies, and cold packs. 
  • The final packaging should be tightly sealed and clearly labeled. 

Our professionals have perfected the way chocolates should be packaged for shipping. Here are five steps you can follow to prepare the product for transport. 

Step #1: Package the Candy Right

One of the most common ways chocolate is packaged is in candy boxes, where each piece has its own holder. There are also inserts or candy pads to protect the chocolates during transportation. It is important to ensure that any boxes or accessories you use are food-safe and will keep everything neat.

Step #2: Choose the Right Shipping Boxes

When shipping chocolate, the company should prioritize the product’s safety by investing in durable shipping boxes. These boxes should be sturdy and thick enough to give the protection needed during transit. Look for containers that are large enough to not only support the boxes of chocolates but also hold the cushioning and cooling packs. 

Step #3: Pick the Padding

Padding should fill the extra space between the candy and shipping boxes. This is the step that will help your sweets stay extra safe. It is best when the padding is flexible enough to fill tight spaces and durable enough to keep the candy boxes in place during transportation. 

Step #4: Don’t Forget the Cold Packs!

When shipping perishables like chocolate and candies, temperature control is crucial. The commute may put the package through harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme heat or excessive humidity. There are many options, like gel packs and dry ice, which will keep the product cool. Having cold packs and cooling agents will help keep the chocolates both cool and intact. 

Step #5: Collect Additional Packing Supplies

The last step is to make sure the product arrives safely and quickly. It helps to label the container you are using to ship them in. On the label, the text should be neat and easy to read. If possible, print the label out on white matte stickers. Also, if you are working with barcodes, it will help make the scanning processes easier by positioning them on a flat side of the package. You’ll want to include a warning label that indicates the box contains fragile items. 

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