Food Allergy Awareness Week Highlights Health Concerns Around Allergies

Food allergy is an immune system reaction that occurs soon after eating a certain food. According to the Mayo Clinic, world renowned for treating people with serious or complex illnesses, even a tiny amount of the allergy-causing food can trigger signs and symptoms such as digestive problems, hives, or swollen airways. In some people, a food allergy can cause severe symptoms or even a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis.

Food allergy affects an estimated eight percent of children under age five and up to four percent of adults. While there’s no cure, some children outgrow their food allergies as they get older.

Join Us in Learning More

Over 32 million Americans are living with potentially life-threatening food allergies. Prime Fresh Handling (PFH) is taking the lead in recognizing Food Allergy Awareness Week, May 14-20, because we want all of our customers – restaurants, wholesalers, and retailers – to likewise learn, love, and connect through food, education, advocacy, and more.

The 10 most common food allergens are:

  1. Eggs
  2. Milk
  3. Mustard
  4. Peanuts
  5. Crustaceans and mollusks
  6. Fish
  7. Sesame seeds
  8. Soy


At PFH, our team consists of leading experts in storage, distribution, and all other aspects involved in perishables logistics for any and all of those products. “If the product you produce is on that list, just know that we care,” says Cristina Moscoso, PFH West Coast Commercial Manager.

“And while our certified staff and sophisticated equipment allow us to provide a wide range of perishables logistics solutions for an array of industries, on any given day PFH is mostly carrying tons of fish such as tuna and seafood, as well as shellfish and peanuts – numbers four, five, and six on the list above,” she adds.

Doctors Weigh In

Medical experts agree that the careful handling of potential food allergens is key to the reduction of symptoms. Dr. Rolando A. Nunez, MD, a partner with The Asthma and Allergy Associates of Florida, focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of immune system problems such as allergies, asthma, and certain immune deficiency disorders.

Dr. Nunez’s mantra is, “Every single time a food allergy happens, it is an accident. You can tell someone you are allergic to a particular food, they forget, and accidentally give you something with that food in it.” Hence the importance of food allergy awareness, education, and vigilance.


  • Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is a non-profit, private organization dedicated to food allergy awareness, research, education, and advocacy. FARE’s goal is to enhance the lives of people with food allergies by providing support and resources to help them live safe yet productive lives.
  • Asthma & Allergy Associates of Florida, affiliated with Family Allergy & Asthma, is a group of Allergy/Immunology specialists who treat disorders of the immune system. They concentrate on allergy, where the body overreacts to a usually harmless substance. Get information about food allergy testing:
  • Mayo Clinic is the number 1 ranked hospital by U.S. News and World Report and Newsweek. With a singular focus on the need for patient-centered health care transformation, and powered by a 76,000-person workforce, Mayo Clinic cares for about 1.4 million people each year with serious or complex illnesses from all 50 U.S. states and nearly 130 countries.
  • Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) educates, advocates, and raises awareness for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis.


PS: Teal is the color of Food Allergy Awareness Week-2023. Much like pink has become the symbolic color for breast cancer awareness, or red for HIV/AIDs awareness, FARE and FAACT have made teal blue the symbolic color of their missions.

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Whether it’s a box, a pallet, or a companywide logistics operation, PFH is skilled in achieving safe on-time delivery of temperature-sensitive material and products between any point of origin and destination around the globe.

In fact, PFH is also known as a global leader in perishables transportation of fresh produce, fish, cut flowers, and plants. With state-of-the-art facilities in Europe, South American, and across North America, PFH leverages industry-leading technologies such as vacuum cooling, sorting, re-packing, bar coding, labeling, and temperature monitoring to guarantee a consistent, safe, and fresh delivery.

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