From Bog to Bagger: Reaping the Fruits of the Fall Cranberry Harvest

Cranberry harvesting season just finished in Oregon, which means peak season for shipping them is still going strong in Los Angeles. Right now, the LAX-based Prime Fresh Handling-LAX is rushing to get these all-important berries transited from our warehouse to markets across the country. It’s big business this time of year – with a small window of time for delivery.

Cranberry farmers and suppliers know when to harvest their cranberries – and Prime Fresh Handling (PFH) knows when to stand ready in late fall each year with their expert logistics and shipping services. “When it comes to handling perishables, we know that time is money – especially when there’s a tight deadline involved like Thanksgiving Day!” says PFH West Coast General Manager Cristina Moscoso in Los Angeles.

“We’ve been in this business a long time,” she adds, “and we understand that the key to customer service in this industry – and customer loyalty – is anticipating their needs well in advance of harvest time. Working closely with our clients and planning ahead ensures their entire shipping operation will go smoothly, swiftly, and cost-efficiently, every step of the way.”

As soon as the product is in our hands, food suppliers and other PFH customers also know they can rely on PFH to keep their berries fresh and safe from damage and spoilage. PFH’s top-of-the-line facilities are equipped with specialized coolers that maintain an even pulp temperature of 35.6 F – so that millions of Americans can go about the business of making the freshest festive breads, jellies, muffins, and juices all throughout this season.

PFH also specializes in the shipment of fresh and tasty berries to processing facilities where they are canned and/or prepared to serve as essential ingredients in other products with longer shelf-lives, says Moscoso. “This way we can all enjoy these little wonderous berries year-round.”

Can anyone say cranberry sauce!

“Power Your Holidays”

Speaking of cranberry sauce, here’s a fun story: Based on the idea that there’s something hypnotic and captivating about watching jelly jiggle, Ocean Spray Cranberries just launched a promotional campaign aimed at re-positioning the “infectiously wiggling, jiggling cranberry” from a traditional side-dish to a bold center-stage table star. Ocean Spray is a global agricultural cooperative of roughly 700 farmer families in the U.S., Canada, and Chile, whose cranberries show up in more than a thousand products in over 100 countries worldwide.

Here’s how the Ocean Spray creative team explained its unique and timely promotion, entitled “Power Your Holidays,” which is sure to stimulate sales and demand for more cranberries this season:

Tables across the country already know the cranberry to be a powerful holiday-table complement, as it’s often the only bright red food in a spread of beige potatoes and casseroles. But this year, Ocean Spray wants everyone to feel that power. The “Power Your Holidays” campaign spot shows an all too familiar scene: a tense, bored family forced together in a formal dining room for a holiday dinner. The father comes into the room from the kitchen, placing at the center of the table the main event: three wiggling, jiggling logs of Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce.

As the jellies wiggle, the family is transfixed. They each begin to mirror the jelly, wiggling and jiggling just as the jelly does. Soon, the whole table erupts, and what was once a boring dinner is now a full-out party.

“Cranberries have provided the punch on holiday tables for centuries and we want people to see with new eyes,” said Dan Hamilton, Head of Marketing CoE at Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. “What better way to feel the joy from Ocean Spray this holiday season than watching the iconic jiggle of our jellied cranberry sauce?” Most everyone agrees that there’s something hypnotic and captivating about watching jelly jiggle. It’s hard to be mad when you see it! Ocean Spray ingeniously took that truth and followed it to its logical conclusion.

And from all of us here at Prime Fresh Handling, we wish you a very berry holiday season!

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Whether it’s a box, a pallet, or a companywide logistics operation, Prime Fresh Handling is skilled in achieving safe, on-time delivery of time- and temperature-sensitive products between any point of origin and destination around the world.

In fact, PFH is also known as a global leader in perishables transportation of fresh produce, fish, cut flowers, and plants – plus vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, as well. With dedicated state-of-the-art facilities in Europe, South America, and across North America, PFH leverages industry-leading technologies such as vacuum cooling, sorting, re-packing, barcoding, labeling, and temperature and quality monitoring to guarantee consistent, safe, and fresh delivery.

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