Cherry Growers Pick Prime Fresh Handling When the Time Is Ripe

If life is just a bowl of cherries, then Prime Fresh Handling definitely knows how to help people enjoy that concept of the last tasty fruit. Highly experienced in fresh perishables logistics, the company handles and ships these delicate, fresh cherries during the peak South American winter season and also the peak North American summer season.

Did you know that there are at least 1,000 types of cherries, beyond red cherries, globally? Yes, that’s true, but not all are edible. Of the ones that are, some are sweet, others tart. Some are great for “popping” into one’s mouth – yum, yum – while others are better for cooking.

But at least 31 different types of cherries are favored by consumers, including “Sweetheart” cherries and dark red shiny “Bing” cherries. Others include “Royal,” “Royal Ann,” “Maraschino,” “Van,” “Stella,” and “Chelan,” just to name a few varieties.

“During the summer, PFH is tasked with carefully transporting domestic cherry shipments from California, Washington, Oregon, and elsewhere,” according to Prime Fresh Handling’s West Coast General Manager, Cristina Moscoso, in Los Angeles.

She added, “We’re now beginning to ramp up for the peak cherry growing season in South America, particularly within Argentina and Chile.” That season begins in November and is in full swing by December.

Proper shipping and handling are a must to ensure that all types of cherries arrive in tip-top condition for resale by wholesalers or for retail grocery sales to consumers. With sensitive skins, cherries are shipped in refrigerated, well-perforated fruit crates, cartons, or crates that have either a fresh air supply or a controlled atmosphere. Great care is required in air cargo handling, as any skin damage can result in spoilage.

“We’re proud that this year one of our loyal cherry importer clients recommended Prime Fresh Handling to an industry colleague,” says Moscoso. “That referral from a highly satisfied customer means we now have an even bigger footprint for shipping cherries as our new customer supplies fresh cherries to a nationwide chain of large retail stores.”

The challenge of shipping fresh cherries for both the customer and the shipper is handling a remarkably high peak of product shipments yet in a very limited time frame. So, timing is essential, and the process requires significant attention to detail.

Customers must be on top of their inventory management and also communicate with the logistics company at all times. Moscoso adds, “Good two-way communication is required during this 24-7 effort, whether it’s a workday or, alternatively, a weekend or holiday. We’re ready to do our part, for sure. Our ability to effectively handle cherry shipments through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a big plus for our clients.”

Who’s the biggest exporter of cherries? Top in the world is Turkey, followed by the United States, with California, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington as the top cherry-producing states. Prime Fresh Handling has many customers in South America, too, where Chile ranks sixth on that worldwide ranking list of top cherry exporters.

Wherever they’re picked up and however they’re transported – by air, sea, rail, or road – cherries under Prime Fresh Handling’s care are kept in a temperature-controlled environment with proper air circulation. So, once a shipment reaches the wholesaler or a retail grocery store, consumers will soon be eyeballing those fresh cherries to make a purchase.

The crowning achievement is when consumers enjoy fresh cherries as a snack break or while enjoying a movie on TV with their family. Even better, cherries are often used to concoct “cherry masterpieces,” such as cherry pie, cherry jam, cherry salsa, or even the sweet treats – “Cherries Jubilee” or chocolate-covered red cherries. So, if life is just a bowl of cherries, that sounds pretty tasty.

Global Services 

Whether it’s a box, a pallet, or a companywide logistics operation, Prime Fresh Handling is skilled in achieving safe, on-time delivery of time- and temperature-sensitive products between any point of origin and destination around the world.

In fact, PFH is also known as a global leader in perishables transportation of fresh produce, fish, cut flowers, and plants – plus vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, as well. With dedicated state-of-the-art facilities in Europe, South America, and across North America, PFH leverages industry-leading technologies such as vacuum cooling, sorting, re-packing, barcoding, labeling, and temperature and quality monitoring to guarantee consistent, safe, and fresh delivery.

Contact Prime Fresh Handling 

For information, contact PFH General Manager, West Coast: Cristina Moscoso at 323-328-8650, via email at, or visit

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