Cheese and the Art of Global Shipping and Handling

Just as the world’s leading cheesemakers have spent years perfecting their skills, so too has Prime Fresh Handling mastered the art of its craft – the expert handling and shipment of delicate, temperature-sensitive commodities.

When it comes to transporting cheese, PFH knows the key ingredient is attention to detail. No single step in the process can be overlooked. One mistake along the way can lead to a significant loss.

That’s why PFH was recently entrusted to provide perishable goods logistics for 500,000 pounds of cheddar cheese weekly from California to Australia, and in late 2020 was selected to provide expert handling and international shipping for the first-ever export of blue cheese from Ecuador to the U.S.


Operation Down-Under

“Our ambitious task started the moment we received the cheese from the shipper in California,” says Cristina Moscoso, General Manager of PFH’s West Coast operation at LAX. “Upon splitting up the product according to purchase orders and building the pallets, we then safely loaded all of the delicate product into temperature-controlled containers bound for ocean freighters.”

The pathway to preserving quality is close coordination with the supplier so that minute-by-minute pick-up and transportation to the port is successfully achieved, she continued. “Any delay in this synchronized process is simply unacceptable.”

In fact, this is where PFH truly shines – by paying attention to the smallest of details, and excelling at steering clear of extra cost for its customers.


A Historic Mission

In other big cheese news, late last fall, PFH was selected for a historic operation that required managing every aspect of logistics for the delivery of 180 samples of Andean cheese from Troya Hacienda, a prominent cheese factory on the northern border of Ecuador.

“This first export of cheese, which was destined for Miami, Houston, and New York, was a significant milestone for Mondel – as well as Ecuador’s entire agro-exporting sector,” says Moscoso.

Comprehensive services provided by PFH included U.S. Customs clearance and pick up at MIA upon arrival, followed by immediate storage in the company’s nearby warehouse. It was crucial that the temperature of the product was precisely maintained within the required range of 37-40 F.

PFH may not know exactly what goes into making great cheese, but as the “fromagers” of the shipping world, their masterful skill and experience ensure that its customers’ perishable products make it to market safely, swiftly, and in perfect condition.


Prime Fresh Handling

PFH’s global network of bonded- and refrigerated-storage facilities allows for timely and easy access to all of the world’s major markets. With innovative technology, operational proficiency, and friendly customer-service representatives, PFH provides multi-industry perishable shipping solutions for the shipment of not only cheese and chocolates, but fresh-cut flowers, high-value seafood, and vaccines and other critical pharmaceuticals.


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